Professional Runners Can Compete Barefoot with Proper Training

Barefoot running is most often popularized as a recreational sport; however, many professional runners have rightfully competed in races without proper footwear. Before deciding to compete in a race while running barefoot, it is best to train barefoot first to reduce injury. Professional runners such as Abebe Bikila, Zola Budd, P.C. Suppiah, and Tegla Loroupe […]

Men’s Journal Finds that Hips and Legs can be Problematic for Plantar Fasciitis

According to Men’s Journal, plantar fasciitis can occur during exercise when the body is not making optimal use of legs and hips. While plantar fasciitis is known as an overuse injury, when the hips are not being flexed enough or the lower calf muscles are being overused, this can cause the plantar fascia to work […]