Dark Chocolate May Help Circulatory Deficient Patients

A scientific study show that the polyphenols contained in dark chocolate may alleviate some of the symptoms of peripheral artery disorder (PAD). The study, conducted by faculty at Sapienza University, involved 20 participants. Half of these participants were provided 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate to eat while the other half were given milk chocolate. After […]

College Researchers Hypothesize that Comfort is Important in Running Shoes

Researchers have focused on all kinds of different factors when trying to develop running shoes over the past few years, but none of their efforts have succeeded in yielding the “perfect” pair yet. However, scientists at the University of Calgary believe there’s one factor that has been overlooked. These scientists believe that they can create […]

Scotland’s Obesity Crisis Tied to Rising Amputation Rates

The rising number of obese citizens in Scotland has concurrently led to a greater proliferation of peripheral vascular disorder and type 2 diabetes among the country’s population. The UK’s National Health Service claims that these diseases are causing an alarming amputation crisis that’s costing the government millions and leaving many people disadvantaged. According to the […]

More Diabetics Said to Undergo Amputations

Southeastern Wound Healing Center physicians state that at least seven patients suffering from diabetes receive a foot or leg amputation approximately every hour. Diabetes is known for being the cause of neuropathy, which decreases sensation and awareness of any foot injuries or conditions. According to Scott Covington, MD, “The disease is responsible for being the […]