Former Giants Player Done Recovering from Bone Spur Operation

heelpainAndres Torres was a member of the San Francisco Giants in 2010, the year they became World Series champions. Now he’s playing for the Pawtucket Red Sox, a triple-A minor league team, and hoping to get another shot at the majors again.

Torres actually had to refrain from partaking in any baseball-related activities for about ten months or so because of an operation he had to take out some bone spurs in the area around his Achilles tendon. He’s taken his return to professional sports with gusto and has been commended by his manager for his dedication and the example he sets for the younger players.

Heel spurs are fairly common injuries, especially among hard-working athletes like Torres. For professional assistance with spurs in your heel, consider seeing podiatrist Dr. Stephen A. Kinard, DPM of The Foot and Ankle Associates of North Carolina, PLLC. Dr. Kinard will locate the source of your pain, treat it, and help you get started with your recovery.

Heels Spurs

Heel spurs are formed by calcium deposits on the back of the foot where the heel is. This can also be a cause from small fragments of bone breaking off one section of the foot, attaching it to the back of the foot. Heel spurs can also be bone growth on the back of the foot. Bone may grow in the direction of the arch of the foot.

Older individuals usually suffer from heel spurs. Pain sometimes intensifies with age. Heel spurs are known to cause a substantial amount of pain. One of the main associations spurs are related to is plantar fasciitis.


The pain associated with spurs is often times because of weight placed on the feet. When someone is walking their entire weight is concentrated on the feet. Bone spurs then have the tendency to poke and affect other boners and tissues around the foot. As the pain continues the feet will become tender and sensitive over time.


If one is suffering from heel spurs in conjunction with pain there are several methods for healing. Medicines, surgery, and herbal care are some options.

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