Scotland’s Obesity Crisis Tied to Rising Amputation Rates

women legs with overweight standing on scales

The rising number of obese citizens in Scotland has concurrently led to a greater proliferation of peripheral vascular disorder and type 2 diabetes among the country’s population. The UK’s National Health Service claims that these diseases are causing an alarming amputation crisis that’s costing the government millions and leaving many people disadvantaged.

According to the NHS’s most recent estimates, about 100 Scots have to have hand or foot amputations each month. There have been a total of 4707 amputation procedures performed in the last four years alone. Many health officials worry that if this trend continues it could end up doing a great deal of harm to the public healthcare sector.

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Obesity and your Feet

Since your feet are what support your entire weight when standing, any additional weight can result in pain and swelling. Being overweight is one of the main contributors to foot complications.

Problems & Complications

  • Extra Weight – Even putting on just a few extra pounds could create serious complications for your feet. As your weight increases, your balance and body will shift, creating new stresses on your feet. This uneven weight distribution can cause pain, even while doing the simplest tasks, such as walking.
  • Diabetes – People who are overweight are at serious risk of developing type-2 diabetes, which has a drastic impact on the health of your feet. As you get older, your diabetes might worsen, which could lead to loss of feeling in your feet, sores, and bruises. You could also become more prone to various infections.
  • Plantar fasciitis – Pressure and stress that is placed on muscles, joints, and tendons can trigger plantar fasciitis. The pain and stiffness involved with this condition can be so debilitating that the act of walking becomes an issue.

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