Glamour Magazine Discusses Best Way to Avoid Blisters Altogether

BlistersGlamour Magazine partnered with Australian Podiatrist, Dr. Phillip Vasyli, to discover the best way to avoid blisters on the feet while wearing new and stylish shoes. He initially stated that making sure the shoe fits properly and breaking them in before wearing them in public or at work are typically good starter points in avoiding blisters. “Checking your feet every day for signs of redness across the toes and heel is a key element in early detection and blister prevention,” stated Vasyli. Many women will see or feel a blister start to arise, ignore it, and will go through their day to find torn skin and potentially damaged shoes later. Vasyli wants readers to pay attention to their feet early on to avoid this. Some companies also make wax based anti-friction sticks to reduce the possibility of a blistery foot.

Blisters on the feet can be very uncomfortable and can cause plenty of problems if left untreated. If you sustained blisters on your feet, see podiatrist Dr. Carl Ingrassia of Fords Foot and Ankle Care. Dr. Ingrassia can treat your foot and ankle needs.

Blisters on the Feet

When tight or ill-fitting footwear is worn, many times a foot blister may develop. Blisters can even develop by constant rubbing from the shoe, often times leading to pain.

What is a Foot Blister?

A foot blister is a small pocket that is filled with fluid, forming on the upper most layer of the skin. Blisters are filled with clear fluid, and may lead to drainage of blood or pus if the area has become infected.

How do they Form?

Blisters of the feet are almost always the result of shoe rubbing and constant friction of the skin and material. Long periods of walking in shoes, sandals, or boots which don’t fit properly can result in a blister. Those who often have moisture or humidity in the feet are prone to blister formation easily.
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