National Foot Health Awareness Month Calls for Regular Foot Check Ups

xray-deformed-feetSince April is National Foot Health Awareness month, the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society wants to offer tips to those that are always on their feet and may need specific attention such as arthritic foot care.

According to the society, the average individual walks takes nearly 10,000 steps a day and when people are busy with their daily activities, they will often forget about foot health. It is important to regularly pay attention to your feet to promptly find and treat associated arthritic symptoms including joint stiffness, swelling, and overall pain.

For those that are out and on their feet often, make sure shoes are changed after signs of excessive wear begin to show. Often changes in the feet occur most specifically with age, making regular check ups important.

Arthritic foot care is an important part of preventing long term problems and reducing pain. If you have any concerns about your foot and ankle needs contact podiatrist Dr. Carl Ingrassia of Fords Foot and Ankle Care. Our doctor will treat your foot and ankle needs.

Arthritic Foot Care

Arthritis is a joint disorder that involves inflammation of different joints in your body, such as in your feet. Arthritis is often caused by a degenerative joint disease and causes mild to severe pain in all affected areas. On top of this, swelling and stiffness in the affected joints can also be a common symptom of arthritis.

In many cases, wearing ill-fitting shoes can worsen the effects and pain of arthritis. Wearing shoes that have a lower heel and extra room can help your feet feel more comfortable. In cases of rheumatoid arthritis, the arch in your foot may become problematic. Buying shoes with proper arch support that contour to your feet can help immensely.

Alleviating Arthritic Pain

  • Exercises that stretch the foot can prevent further pain and injury and increase mobility
  • Most of the pain can be alleviated with anti-inflammatory drugs, heat, and topical medications
  • Massages can help to temporarily alleviate pain.

It is best to see your doctor for the treatment that is right for your needs and symptoms. Conditions vary, and a podiatrist can help you determine the right method of care for your feet.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office located in Fords, NJ. We offer the newest diagnostic tools and technology to treat your foot and ankle needs.

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