Swimming a Great Way to Stay In Shape While Reducing Pressure on Feet

swimmingAccording to Russell Pressler of TriHealth, swimming is a great way to relieve foot pain while staying physically active this summer. Although the average person can experience foot pain any time of year, it is more common for podiatrists to have visitors in the summer due the increased activity the warmer weather brings. For those experiencing a foot injury this summer, it is still possible to remain active this summer with swimming. The activity allows those injured to remain physically fit without adding pressure or overusing the foot.

Swimming is a great way to exercise the feet. If you have any questions regarding the benefits of swimming on the feet, consider contacting podiatrist Dr. Carl Ingrassia from Fords Foot and Ankle Care. Our doctor will explain the unique health advantages this activity has and recommend some simple exercises.

Benefits of Swimming and Foot care

Our feet receive the most stress on a daily basis. Walking, running, and long standing contribute to pain and stress on the feet. Swimming helps promote circulation and keep the body feeling great and healthy.

Benefits of swimming:

  • Improve blood circulation
    • Swimming is a good, safe way to get in extra physical activity and improve circulation, without causing further trauma to the feet
  • Relieve aches or pains
    • It takes all the pressure off of them, allowing the feet to relax and recover, and improves blood flow to them.
  • Circulation overall for diabetics
    • Swimming contributes to blood flow, and increase oxygen levels within the body.
  • Reduce foot inflammation
    • Swimming in warm water can increase blood flow and make it easier to move and stretch the afflicted foot. The feet are also exposed in water, giving them much needed air.

Swimming the helpful alternative:

Many people like the elderly and diabetics suffer from weakened muscles and joints. A water sport like swimming will support the body, thus allowing him or her to move freely. Blood flow circulation is a main trigger to tired inflamed feet.

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