Proper Shoes for the Gym

Looking to buy some new shoes for your gym training routine? Cross-trainers are probably the best type of footwear for various exercises, including running, jumping, and lifting. These shoes are helpful in preventing many foot and ankle issues because of their attributes which include: good grip, durable and cushioned insoles, flexible and sturdy material, heel support, and mesh to allow for breathability. With many of the most popular fitness trends, such as crossfit, mixed martial arts, high intensity interval training, and body weight training, you’ll likely include lateral movements and actions that require stability and traction. When laced properly, cross-trainers can provide necessary ankle support for these types of workouts.

Keeping up your fitness practices at the gym is great for your health, but improper footwear, form, and use of workout equipment can cause issues. If you are new or unsure about gym workouts, consult a trainer at the gym. For any issues or concerns about training with ankle or foot issues, make an appointment with Dr. Carl Ingrassia at Fords Foot and Ankle Care. Our board-certified podiatrist will work with you to figure out the best plan to care for any injuries and to help prevent new ones related to your workout plan.

Are cross-trainers all you need? Consider your after-workout footwear. After you’ve put in the hours of training, you need to hit the showers. You need to wash off the sweat oils, dead skin cells, as well as any bacteria or fungi that you may have come into contact with while using the gym equipment – and so does everyone else. They dirty up the shower floors and also encourage growth of mold and algae, which grow in moist environments. For these reasons, flip-flops are the best protection when you’re showering.

Gym etiquette suggests that equipment be cleaned between uses and that floors be cleaned by gym staff with strong chemicals. However, keep in mind that the cleaning doesn’t occur after each person showers, so you won’t know what you may be exposed to. So don’t forget to pack those flip-flops with your cross-trainers when you head to the gym. Protect yourself and use care at the gym.

If you are concerned you may have been exposed or have symptoms of foot fungus, make an appointment with us at our Fords, NJ office.