Look Where You Are Pokemon Go-ing

This summer was full of many exciting events and trends – among them, a gaming app called ‘Pokémon Go’. The game requires users to go to different locations and catch Pokémon. There are areas where you can catch, train, lure others, and battle them on your phone. The “catch” is that you have to get off the couch and out of the house in order to “catch ‘em all”. While many of the users have stopped using the app, there is still a significant number of folks still wandering around and playing the game. And since the company behind ‘Pokémon Go’ is coming up with new ways to revamp the game and add the app to smartwatches, we may see a resurgence of app usage.

The popularity of the game also came with some consequences, including foot and ankle injuries, car accidents, and even attempted kidnappings and homicide! Much of these issues have risen due to the fact that people playing the game have been so engrossed in their screens and their app activities that they were unaware of their surroundings.

At Fords Foot and Ankle Care, we want you to be healthy and safe in all of your activities. That is why we’d like for you to take the proper precautions when playing ‘Pokémon Go’. Some of the most common injuries we’ve seen include twisted or sprained ankles from not paying attention to the ground they walk on and symptoms of plantar fasciitis from standing or walking around all day.

Some tips we recommend that you follow are:

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes with cushiony support. Sneakers are a best bet to prevent foot, leg, or back pain from a long day of Pokémon hunting.
  • Use compression socks to prevent swelling, also from a long day of standing or walking.
  • ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Make sure that you look where you are walking so that you don’t inadvertently fall into a hole, walk off a curb, or stub your toes. If you step on a larger rock that makes you unsteady, you could trip, twist your ankle, and send your phone tumbling. Try not to walk and play at the same time.
  • DO NOT DRIVE WHILE PLAYING. For the safety of yourself and those around you.
  • While summer is pretty much over, the sun can still be strong, so if you’ll be out under the sun, make sure you use sunscreen.

“Revive” and “Restore” only helps Pokémon in the virtual world and going to the Pokémon gym only helps train them. For your own care, make sure you warm-up, stretch, and hydrate while you play and please be aware of your surroundings! For additional help with any foot and ankle injuries (possibly due to playing the game), come see Dr. Carl Ingrassia, our board-certified podiatrist. Make an appointment today at our Fords, NJ office by calling (732) 738-4441.