Ways To Increase Your Step Count

When it’s that time again to “fall back” one hour, it truly begins to feel like fall is in full swing. While the weather has been wishy washy, it is also starting to be colder, tempting us to turn up the heat and snuggle up on the couch with our pumpkin spice lattes. Colder weather has an effect on us to stay indoors, and as a result, be less active. However, fall and winter are just as important a time to stay active for healthy bodies. Our feet are designed to make us mobile, so we shouldn’t ignore them and should definitely keep putting them to good use.

At Fords Foot and Ankle Care, we want our patients to continue healthy habits through the colder seasons. The following are easy ways to increase your step count and add more activity to your days (whether they are hot or cold):

  • Find opportunities to walk, instead of having machines do the work for you. For example, take stairs instead of elevators or escalators.
  • Park far away. Wherever you go, park far away from the entrance so that you get more steps leaving your car and coming back. In the cold weather, it’s tempting to park closer, but use the cold to motivate you to walk faster!
  • Exercise in place while watching TV. Stretch, walk in place, do squats, or lunges instead of sitting around. You can even do calf exercises by standing up to your tip toes (certain while watching TV, but also while you do the dishes, cook, or brush your teeth).
  • Get a pedometer. Tracking your steps will help you see just how active or inactive you have been. Setting goals and seeing improvements can help motivate you to keep active.
  • Walk your dog. Make sure they stay active too. Don’t cheat yourself and your canine friend by only going out for them to “do their business”.
  • Join or start a walking group. This group will help all members to stay accountable to make each event fun (and safe).
  • Don’t let the cold be the only deterrent. That’s what coats, hats, gloves, etc. are for!

If you have any concerns about walking in cold weather or have pain during activities that increase your step count, come see our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Carl Ingrassia. He and his team will be happy to help you find the best ways to keep you active in the colder weather. Make an appointment today at our Fords, NJ office by calling (732) 738-4441.