Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm

With winter in full swing, the first instinct is to find ways to keep warm. When heading outside, we’re quick to grab our down jackets and fur-lined boots. While indoors, cozy socks and a knitted sweater feel like the essentials to staying comfortable and warm.

Since keeping your feet warm help to keep your overall body warm, we at Fords Foot and Ankle Care wanted to offer some tips for keeping your feet warm this winter.

Heading outdoors? Try these tips:

  • Don’t forget your socks. Even if your boots are fur-lined or very thick, your feet are more at risk of feeling cold without that extra layer of cloth. One pair of socks not cutting it? Try pulling on thicker socks on top of a pair of thin socks. Give your toes enough room to wiggle, though – cutting off circulation will be uncomfortable and make your toes feel colder!
  • Remember to keep your ankles warm too! Socks or high boots will help with this.
  • Wear the right shoes. This is especially important when doing winter activities like skiing or snowboarding. Activity-specific shoes help to keep you safe. Under no circumstances should you wear summer footwear in the winter. Even if you’re just running to the car, not only do you risk frostbite, you may also slip and suffer an injury.
  • Going to be outside for a long time in those thick winter boots? Be careful of getting too sweaty in your shoes. Look out for bacterial or fungal infections due to prolonged dampness in unbreathable fabric (which is usually what winter/waterproof shoes are made of).

Staying inside?

  • Wear socks indoors as well! If you prefer, cozy socks or warm slippers can do the trick. Whatever you decide to don on your feet, anti-slip grips will help prevent slips and falls, especially for older adults.
  • If your feet remain cold, try taking a hot footbath, warming your feet by the fire, or using a heating pad to keep them warm.

Wherever you are, find ways to keep warm this winter, especially your feet. Warm beverages and hot soup can help warm you from your insides to raise your core temperatures. And don’t forget to hydrate and moisturize during this season of dry winter weather.

Foot health is essential to overall health. So keep those feet warm and healthy! If you feel that your feet are cold even with efforts to keep warm, come see our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Carl Ingrassia. If there is a bigger issue at hand, he and his team will work together to help you figure it out. Call today to make an appointment at our Fords, NJ office at (732) 738-4441.