How Foot and Ankle Injuries Can Affect Superbowl LI

It’s down to the Falcons vs the Patriots! With a season riddled with controversy and injuries, it’s coming to a close with two teams who have had a great season. While you get ready for your game day party, athletes prepare for the game of the year. It’s a crucial time for football players (and everyone else invested in the game) to be careful and diligent.

The Falcons already have Alex Mack and Julio Jones out of practice the first week of Superbowl practice due to ankle and toe injuries, respectively. The original injuries happened earlier in the season, but seem to continue being obstacles for the players, even though the team seems to be optimistic in having them play after some rest.

As for the Patriots, injured players include: Danny Amendola with an ankle injury; Martellus Bennett (and ankle), Dont’a Hightower, and Malcolm Mitchell with knee injuries; and Chris Hogan with a thigh injury. Their team also believes all players will be ready to go for the Superbowl – even if some may require surgery or other attention after the game.

Playing with Injuries

With such high stakes and a major game on the line, it’s not an easy task deciding whether or not an athlete should participate in the game. Both teams seem to think that they will be able to play all top players, even while admitting that at this point in the season, most are not at 100%. On the one hand, they want to put their best feet (players) forward, but on the other hand, could this one game put them out for the next season or even change their career?

Football players are at higher risk for injuries because of the nature of the sport. Concussions, dislocations, sprains, tears, and even fractures can occur at any moment, even with the protective gear that they use. Turf Toe, Hammertoes, and Ankle Sprains are all common injuries for football players. Repetitive motions, especially as practice can also cause a strain on feet and ankles, eventually leading to chronic issues like plantar fasciitis or even stress fractures.

What these athletes really need, and we’re sure they know it, is rest and recuperation. Hopefully they will be at their best on Superbowl day, and not incur further injuries. For further questions about sport-related injuries, or if you have an injury, come see our board-certified podiatrist, Carl Ingrassia, DPM at Fords Foot and Ankle Care. Make an appointment at our office in Woodbridge Township, NJ by calling (732) 738-4441. Our team is happy serve all patients in the surrounding areas of Edison, Perth Amboy, Metuchen, Rahway, and Linden.