What is a Lisfranc Injury?

On March 28th, soccer player, Sebastian Lletget of the LA Galaxy was taken out of the game while playing for team USA in a World Cup Qualifying match against Honduras. The athlete will require surgery to repair the lisfranc joint and will be out for 4-6 months.

Haven’t heard of a Lisfranc injury before? While it is not a common term, the injury is not uncommon. An injury to the Lisfranc joint and/or ligament can occur in sports injuries, horseback riding accidents, dropping a heavy object on the foot, and car accidents.

Lisfranc, who?

Named after the surgeon who first described the injury, the Lisfranc joint and ligaments are the bones and tissue in the mid-foot. The joint is the point where the 5 bones (metatarsal bones) that lead into the toes meet with the arch bones (tarsal bones). When the bones or ligaments are displaced, fractured, or broken, it is called a Lisfranc injury. It is usually caused by a severe twist in the mid-foot or by immense impact.

Symptoms of a Lisfranc injury include:

  • Severe pain and swelling in the mid-foot
  • Bruising or Blistering on the arch
  • Inability to walk or bear any weight

Lisfranc Injury Treatment Options

  • See your podiatrist as soon as possible, or if the pain and swelling is severe, go to the emergency room. Do not put any weight on the foot. If the injury is not severe, and pain and swelling are minimal, use the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) method to prevent further swelling or pain.
  • When the injury is minor and bones are not misaligned or broken, your podiatrist may prescribe painkillers and a boot or cast.
  • When the injury is more severe, surgery may be required (especially if the bones have broken or shifted out of position). Pins, plates, and/or screws can be used to put the bones in their proper form.
  • You may need physical therapy after your recovery period to regain strength to use your foot.

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